My Name is Kim Taggart!

I know all about you and why you arrived to this website. You were looking for a solution to your business’ problem.

In short, you need some guidance.

You’ve been trying so many methods to increase your engagement in social media, improve your chances in appearing as one of the top search engine results, boost your content visibility and usefulness and even more.

You’ve arrived at the right place!

I was around 26-years-old when I discovered the magic of Internet marketing and using social networks to your own advantage. It was here that me and my friends, now my professional business partners and colleagues, began Kim Taggart Online Marketing Services.

Our business, with the two-year mentorship of a Northampthon SEO Services┬áCompany, has helped our clients’ respective businesses gain recognition among their local target markets through the use of profound social network techniques. With an emphasis on effective and flowing website design, most of our clients had websites that reached the top of Google SERPs.

You Could Be The Next!

We’re always willing to hear from businesses. We’re also here to help businesses understand more trouble areas where a small and simple improvement could help.

Know about your own website’s potential here!